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Solar flare set to disrupt Earth

Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

Eruption ... the sun's flares can disrupt Earth's communications
Eruption ... the sun's flares can disrupt Earth's communications

SPACE scientists are on alert after the most powerful flare for four years erupted on the sun — aimed directly at the Earth.

They warned it could cause radio blackouts over the next couple of days and produce spectacular displays of the northern lights from high latitudes.
The brilliant flash above a 60,000-mile wide dark sunspot was the strongest type of solar flare, bombarding us with X-ray and ultraviolet radiation.
At the same time, it hurled millions of tons of charged matter towards Earth in a coronal mass ejection.

The expanding cloud was pictured in detail by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory and the twin STEREO spacecraft as it headed in our direction

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