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Assorted Russia, Part 11

Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

It was supposed to be a simple borsch until THIS appeared on the surface.

Russian people believe that rubbing some special parts of the statues in the Moscow Metro will bring them good luck. Here are the pictures of their favorite spots at Revolution Square Station.
A cock.
Small flags.
A shoe.
A grenade.
A peasant’s finger and a rifle.
A sportswoman’s breast.
And these are the pictures of the only penal colony for foreigners in Russia. It is located in the Lepley village in Mordovia. It can hold 262 prisoners but usually holds only 150. Conditions are quite good here. Its library contains about 7 thousand books in 34 languages.
Foreigners are allowed to go to the Catholic church and play in the orchestra on weekends.
Speaking on the phone isn’t limited but it’s the prisoner’s relatives who must pay for the bills.
They say in Russia that a student is a special kind of people who is always hungry. So to prove or disprove this saying, there was a small research on what Russian students usually eat. They were asked several questions and their fridges were thoroughly examined and photographed.
The list of questions: 1. name; 2. how much do you spend on food monthly? 3. what products do you buy? 4. what dish do you usually cook? 5. what dish are you dreaming of?
1. Sergey, Vitalya 2. 2000 rub. ($65) 3. bread, mayonnaise, sunflower oil, sausages, eggs 4. soup, spaghetti, fried eggs 5. We’d like to eat tasty food.
1. Anton, Maxim 2. 3000 rub. ($100) 3. tea, coffee, bread, eggs, mayonnaise 4. porridge, soup 5. Don’t know.
1. Katya, Nastya 2. 3000 rub. ($100) 3. bread, mayonnaise, spaghetti, sweets, tea, meat 4. soup, fried potatoes 5. soup (borsch, solyanka)
1. Vlada, Irina 2. Vlada – 3000 rub. ($100) Irina – 2000 rub. ($65) 3. mandarins, bread, cabbage, tea, cereals 4. dry food, porridge, second courses 5. Dreams come true every day.
1. Lena, Lena 2. 1000 rub. ($30) 3. bread, tea, cookies, mayonnaise, eggs, sugar, sausages, elbow macaroni. 4. elbow macaroni, potatoes. 5. much meat with tomatoes
1. Lola, Yulya, Nastya 2. 4000 rub. ($130) 3. bread, sugar, tea, cutlets, spice cakes, watermelon, calamari, rice 4. soup, mashed potatoes, rice 5. fired duck
1. Masha, Irina 2. 1500 rub. ($50) 3. bread, mayonnaise, ketchup, chocolate, tea, elbow macaroni 4. soup, potatoes 5. cake
1. Lyuba, Lena, Dina, Natasha, Masha 2. 2000 rub. ($65) 2. butter, sugar, tea, cereals, macaroni, mayonnaise, eggs, bread 4. vegetable ragout, soup, macaroni 5. We’re not hungry (but sometimes we’d like some herring).
1. Marina, Sasha, Yulya 2. 4000 rub. ($130) 3. bread, tea, cookies, fruits, sausage, meat dumplings, milk 4. soup, potatoes, porridge 5. more fish, meat and salads.
1. Nastya, Sveta 2. 3500 rub. ($115) 3. bread, mayonnaise, ketchup, sausages, macaroni, herring, cookies, tea, cereals 4. soup, macaroni, porridge 5. rolls.
1. Edic, Renat, Vadim 2. 3000 rub. ($100) 3. bread, mayonnaise, meat pockets, yoghurt, sausages, tea, sugar, eggs, chocolate, prepared food 4. meat pockets 5. fattening and tasty food – fried turkey.
1. Nastya, Katya 2. 3000 rub. ($100) 3. vegetables, fruits, sour cream, butter milk, bread, milk, cereals, butter 4. porridge, potatoes 5. pancakes with sour cream
1. Alena, Vika 2. 2000 rub. ($65) 3. bread, tea, mayonnaise, butter, cookies 4. pasta, soup 5. don’t know
A creative team called “Banda” has lately introduced its new project devoted to the New Year trees. First they come to our homes on the holiday, very beautiful and smart, but then people simply throw them to the dustbins… If only they could speak what would they say to us?
Yeah…there are no any New Year miracles for me…

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