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The Most Beautiful Woman Via Men and Photoshop

Rabu, 03 November 2010

The most amazing looking women are most of the times famous exactly because of their amazing looks. The beautiful women of the world are known for their amazing features but also publicized because of the way image processing software type of Photoshop is “improving” them.
The natural beauty may be excessively seductive but when the Photoshop artists step into the picture the beautiful women become beauty goddesses creating fantasies and being images of perfection.

scarlett johansson 1
scarlett johansson 2

aishwarya rai 1
aishwarya rai 2

kate beckinsale 1
kate beckinsale 2

penelope cruz 1
penelope cruz 2

nicole scherzinger 1
nicole scherzinger 2

monica bellucci 1

monica bellucci 2

claudia lynx 1
claudia lynx 2

bar refaeli 1
bar refaeli 2

keira knightley 1
keira knightley 2

charlize theron 1
charlize theron 2

megan fox 1
megan fox 2

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