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Drying Bear Drinks Cola In Foul Cage

Rabu, 03 November 2010

Pitiful ... dying bear tries to quench thirstBrits confronted by the vile spectacle last night slammed it as barbaric.

Days after the cruelty was captured on video, the starving mountain bear was DEAD - only to be replaced by another in Gabala, northern Azerbaijan.

The eaterie's owner told sickened Daryl Willard, 27: "We just catch a new one up in the mountains."

Daryl, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, told how he was working in the former Soviet republic as a sports trainer when he stopped at the café last month.

He said: "People cheered and shouted as they watched the starving bear drink from the cola bottle and eat sandwich leftovers they threw. A few days after it died, there was a new one."

The International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Born Free charity branded it "shocking" and "a disgrace".
TV's animal expert Terry Nutkins said: "It's unbelievable cruelty."

Azerbaijan's embassy here said the mistreatment was an "isolated case".

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